POLARI – Stonewall Housing

Our Partnership with Portobello Brewery

Portobello Brewery’s Polari and Rainbow Pilsner are both brilliantly brewed to support Stonewall Housing. 

We receive 10p from the sale of every pint, and 5p from every 330ml can.


Great taste, with a great impact

In 2021, Portobello Brewery approached Stonewall Housing with a view to develop a quality, flavoursome beer from which a portion of the profits would be donated to us.

Polari’s branding was developed in partnership with two of our talented House of Stonewall Ambassadors.

In the first 12 months of sales Polari sold 2592 units, and was rapidly stocked in 25+ venues across the UK (including all the major Gay pubs in London’s Soho, as well as in Pride Hampers in the likes of Harvey Nichols).

And they didn’t stop there!

In late 2022 Portobello Brewery launched Rainbow Pilsner, a crisp and refreshing lager brewed at their HQ in West London. They launched it across Stonegate’s central London LGBTQ+ estate, and like Polari, 10p from every pint is donated to Stonewall Housing.

To date, Portobello Brewing Company has raised over £60,000 for Stonewall Housing through the sales of Polari and Rainbow Pilsner. This is INCREDIBLE!

As Stonewall Housing was founded in 1983, Portobello Brewery has set itself the challenge of raising a mammoth £40,000 for us to celebrate our big 40th in 2023.

This partnership is having a huge impact on our work helping LGBTQ+ people facing or experiencing homelessness across the UK – thank you, to the whole Portobello Brewing Company team!

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