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Partnership Working

We understand the power of partnership working, and we’re proud to work alongside a number of incredible charities and organisations to offer the best support possible to LGBTQ+ people in the UK.

Our partnerships include:

LGBT Jigsaw

LGBT Jigsaw is a partnership between Stonewall Housing, Galop, and akt. We work with young people who are questioning their sexuality and/or gender identity and are committed to working together to achieve better outcomes for young people in the community.

The Star Project

Sustaining Tenancies Accommodation & Resettlement (STAR) is a project run in partnership with Shelter, Thames Reach, and Praxis to deliver advice and support to Londoners over 25.

  • Shelter provides housing advice, as well as benefit and welfare advice.
  • Stonewall Housing provides specialist housing support for LGBTQ+ people.
  • Praxis offers support and advice to people whose immigration status results in barriers to housing access.
  • Thames Reach’s role is to deliver face-to-face support to people with complex needs, and to those at risk of losing their tenancy due to anti-social behaviour, poor mental health, or drug and alcohol issues.

Domestic Abuse Partnership (DAP)

Together with London Friend, Galop and Switchboard we deliver the Domestic Abuse Partnership, supporting those in the LGBTQ+ community to flee domestic abuse.

London Youth Gateway

We’re part of the London Youth Gateway with akt, De Paul, Shelter, Galop, New Horizon Youth Centre, Praxis, and Shelter, offering support to young people from every London Borough who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

We have a new look and single access point for any young Londoner at risk of homelessness. If you’re 18-25 years old and based in London, we can help you with housing and homelessness, physical and mental health, immigration and employment, education or training.

With partners such as:

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