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About the House

The House of Stonewall is a collective of Ambassadors and Champions who are determined to support our work. By celebrating and championing us the House of Stonewall helps us to fundraise and grow our profile.

Our Ambassadors, the founding members of the House of Stonewall, are LGBTQ+ people who have experienced homelessness and previously accessed our services.

Our Champions are fierce supporters who join the House of Stonewall because they truly believe in our mission. They use their platform, influence and skills to drive forward positive change for Stonewall Housing.

All of our Ambassadors and Champions can tell you the real difference Stonewall Housing makes to LGBTQ+ people across the UK.

House of Stonewall Collabs

Impactful Events

We throw events of all sizes throughout the year working in partnership with our House of Stonewall Ambassadors and Champions.

From club nights and runways, to quizzes and workshops, these events help to fundraise for us and raise our income.

See you at the next one?


In 2021, Portobello Brewery approached Stonewall Housing with a view to develop a quality, flavoursome beer, with a portion of the profits donated to us. PoLAri was developed in partnership with two of our Ambassadors. Later, Rainbow Pilsner was added to the PoLAri family, and combined they continue to raise an incredible amount of money for us. Find out more here.


LESS is our powerful new 50min documentary exploring homelessness within the queer community through the spotlight of faith and culture.

LESS features interviews with an incredible range of experts and speakers including House of Stonewall Ambassadors, LGBTQ+ specialists, academics, and community leaders.


Our Ambassadors support us by speaking or performing at our events, featuring in our campaigns and engaging with key stakeholders. Their voices are at the very heart of what we’re doing.

If you’ve previously received support from Stonewall Housing and want to get involved as an Ambassador, click the button below – we’d love for you to join us.


Our Champions are phenomenal individuals from all across the UK who join the House of Stonewall because they truly believe in our mission. We’re so grateful for the incredible work they do to support LGBTQ+ people facing or experiencing homelessness.

Are you LGBTQ+ or an ally with a platform? Do you want to become a House of Stonewall Champion?

Alexandra D’Sa

Actor & Co-Founder of House of Pride
Alexandra is an actress, writer, and producer from London, with a background in Financial Services and Technology.

Bobbi Pickard

Trailblazer & CEO of Trans in the City
Bobbi works tirelessly to support the trans and non-binary community in the workplace.

In 2017 Bobbi set up Trans in the City to further promote workplace equality and to support charities like ours.

David Hill-Souch

Director of Inspiration at Gemco
David previously sought help through Stonewall Housing and faced homelessness himself. He vowed that once he got his life back on track he would make it his duty to tell the world about the incredible support he received from using our services. This is clearly the case! Since taking on his Ambassadorship, David has raised our profile, raised money for our charity and has raised some heart-warming speeches about his experience with using our services and turning his life totally around.

Em Hunter

Spoken word poet, and also supports newly arrived unaccompanied asylum-seeking children
Em told us, “I believe that Stonewall Housing offers a vital service to some of the most vulnerable in our community. Having worked in the housing sector for a while, I am proud to use my platform to support a charity that addresses the intersectional needs of LGBTQ+ people facing homelessness.”

Kevin Humphreys (he/they)

Activist, persuader and disrupter, and is now ‘Mother of the House of Prism Europe’
Kevin told us, “The hardest part to explain to anyone is that far too many LGBTQ+ people are homeless because circumstance and life has made them believe that they are safer being homeless, than in any home they once knew. The purest beauty of Stonewall Housing is that they do not try to drive the LGBTQ+ homeless family into solutions society defines as suitable. But instead helps our LGBTQ+ homeless family, of all ages, identities and needs, find solutions that they will find suitable.”

At 14, Kevin found himself homeless, having to leave home simply because of who he was. He was adopted from the streets of London by the squatter and house movement, where he discovered his first real ‘family’. Kevin survived, across the years actively protesting against Margaret Thatcher’s homophobic piece of legislation Section 28, apartheid and the poll tax. Kevin witnessed HIV decimate our community, joining ACT UP in the 1990’s. In his late twenties Kevin returned to education, gained a degree and entered the construction industry, where again he fought more homophobia.

Linda Riley

Journalist, publisher & LGBTIQ+ rights advocate
Linda is publisher of DIVA magazine, Europe’s leading brand for LGBTQI women and non-binary people, and is the founder of Lesbian Visibility Week.

Rebecca Clarke

Housing professional & expert in LGBTQ+ rights in housing
Rebecca is passionate about all things equality and diversity, ensuring that housing can be as inclusive as possible.