A thank you to Opening Doors – Stonewall Housing

A thank you to Opening Doors

Dear Friends,

It is with heavy hearts that we learned about the closure of Opening Doors.   This is sad news for the sector, our colleagues and friends at Opening Doors and of course for our LGBTQ+ elders all around the UK.

We want to celebrate Opening Doors’ invaluable work in supporting LGBTQ+ individuals over 50 – what they have done over the years has made a profound impact on our communities and they will be deeply missed.

Opening Doors’ mission to combat loneliness and isolation among older LGBTQ+ individuals has always resonated deeply with us at Stonewall Housing. We have long admired their dedication to helping our communities live proudly and authentically.

Their contributions have been instrumental in shaping the landscape of LGBTQ+ care and support. Moreover, our collaborative efforts, such as the joint Building Safe Choices 2020 research project, have amplified the voices of older LGBTQ+ Londoners, providing crucial insights into their housing, care, and support needs. This survey stands as a testament to their commitment to advocacy and inclusivity.

To all the staff, volunteers, trustees, and members of Opening Doors, we extend our deepest gratitude. Thank you for your unwavering dedication and friendship over the years. Your impact on the lives of older LGBTQ+ individuals will continue to be felt, and your legacy will endure.

As we bid farewell to Opening Doors, let us carry forward their spirit of compassion, advocacy, and community support. Together, we will honour their legacy by continuing to strive for a world where every LGBTQ+ individual can age with dignity, pride, and respect.

With heartfelt thanks and warm regards,
Your friends at Stonewall Housing