Meet Rae, 18 – Stonewall Housing

Meet Rae, 18

Rae* (she/they) had just turned 18 when they were referred to Stonewall Housing in August 2021. She had been sexually harassed and stalked by another student and didn’t feel safe at home or at college. Rae lived with their mum in a one-bed flat in Hackney. Rae’s mum struggled to accept that Rae is non-binary and bisexual which created a volatile home life.

After being diagnosed with EUPD, anxiety and depression, Rae was referred to our Mental Health Advocacy team. We supported Rae to move into a hostel where they have their own room.

She feels more independent and told us, ‘I’ve never felt so free and able to express the real me – a bisexual and non-binary awesome artist-in-the-making’.

*Names and other identifying features have been changed.