Introducing our new national number. Reach us on 0800 6 404 404 – Stonewall Housing

Introducing our new national number. Reach us on 0800 6 404 404

Stonewall Housing’s long been a national organisation – now our new number reflects that!

Reach us on our new national number: 0800 6 404 404

Why have we changed our contact number?

Colt Technology Services approached Stonewall Housing to discuss ways that they could meaningfully support our work. Together we identified an important and impactful opportunity – Colt would sponsor the cost of a new, national freephone number to replace our old helpline number.

Stonewall Housing’s helpline is one of the ways LGBTQ+ people experiencing problems with their housing can get immediate support from a trained housing expert.

Our old helpline had London’s 020 area code and was limiting us in our services promotion. Our Services Manager John told us, “Although we support people across the UK, having a London phone number meant some people thought we only worked and supported people in London.”

In addition to sponsoring the cost of the new number Colt would also provide pro-bono assistance to get it fully set up.

“Stonewall Housing makes a real difference to people’s lives, at times when they feel at their most vulnerable. Sharing the message that Stonewall is a national organisation and can support and connect people across the country is incredibly important. At Colt, we’re honoured to play just a small part in helping this incredible organisation reach the people that need them most.”

Rachel Collins, Head of Inclusion and Diversity at Colt

This is a really innovative way to support us. This new number will have a real impact on the growth of our organisation’s profile – which will result in an increase in referrals as well as an increase in people supporting our work.

We’re so grateful to the team at Colt for supporting us in this way, and we’re looking forward to keeping this partnership going!

“Being recognised as a national organisation is a critical step for us. Promoting this new number will help us reach more people who need us – with some living in really remote areas. We want to make ourselves as accessible as possible to our community across the UK.”

John Stubbs, Services Manager at Stonewall Housing

To find out more about ways people can reach us, visit our Contact Us page.