Remember Stonewall Housing with a gift in your will and help future generations of LGBTQ+ people to live in safe homes.


Since 1983, Stonewall Housing has been providing safe spaces for LGBTQ+ people fleeing violence, harassment and abuse. Making your gift in your Will, would help us give LGBTQ+ people in the future, the opportunity to live free from fear, in spaces where they can celebrate their identity and achieve their full potential.

There are many ways to leave a gift in your will, and you should always consult your solicitor/and or your financial advisor first. They will be able to provide guidance to balance your personal and charitable intentions.


Common types of legacy gifts include:


A gift of the remainder of the estate after all other bequests have been made and debts cleared is called a residuary bequest.

A gift of a fixed sum of money in your Will is called a pecuniary bequest. The value of pecuniary legacies will decrease over time, as the cost of living increases.

A particular named item of value left as a gift in your Will, is known as a specific bequest for example a piece of artwork or property.


Want to find out more? If you’d like to talk to us about leaving a gift to Stonewall Housing in your will, please contact info@stonewallhousing.org – we’d love to hear from you.