Meet Nadin, 51 – Stonewall Housing

Meet Nadin, 51

Nadin* (he/him) was outed to his family as bisexual in February 2021. Without warning, they forcefully removed Nadin from the home he’d lived in all his life. At 51 he was left with just his car keys and mobile phone. Nadin slept in his car for three weeks after being turned away from his local authority. It felt like every time he turned his phone back on he’d read a new angry threat from members of his family. His depression worsened. He struggled to sleep as he was kept awake by fears of someone breaking into the car.

When Nadin found out about Stonewall Housing he felt nervous but hopeful. During his first phone call with one of our Advice and Advocacy team, Nadin felt like someone was really listening to him without judgement. He felt safe to open up about what had happened to him. It was the first time he’d said the words out loud – ‘I’m bisexual’. Seven months after talking to Stonewall Housing Nadin was living in shared flat in Islington and working in bike shop. He told us, ‘it feels like the world is slowly opening up again to me. Without Stonewall Housing I worry I’d still be sleeping in my car. They turned it around for me’.

*Names and other identifying features have been changed.