Our past, our present

Since we were established in 1983, we’ve helped tens of thousands of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) people to find safe and secure homes. Every day, we continue to do this by:

  • providing supported housing to over 40 young LGBTQ+ people;
  • delivering a free, confidential housing advice helpline to LGBTQ+  people of all ages;
  • holding drop-in housing advice surgeries for LGBTQ+ people;
  • delivering specialist and awareness training for social housing  staff and tenants;
  • providing consultancy and information to other agencies about LGBTQ+ housing issues
  • providing support services to individuals and other agencies on a sub-contract basis;
  • lobbying and campaigning for the housing rights of LGBTQ+  people.

To find out more about any of these services, please contact us.


Our growth strategy

In 2016, we were delighted to enter into a new strategic partnership with L&Q, who offered us an investment of £180,000 over three years from the L&Q Foundation, to strengthen our senior management and deliver a new forward growth strategy.

As we celebrate our 35th birthday in 2018, Stonewall Housing is on a firmer financial footing, and we have secured funding for our advice and support services.

As we look forward, the spectre of cuts remains. The uncertainty of funding for supported housing, the implications of Brexit and more welfare reforms mean more challenges lie ahead for providers, and the people they serve.

We are excited that new projects will develop extra care schemes for older LGBQT+ people, and more refuge spaces of LGBTQ+ people experiencing domestic abuse.

Our Growth strategy outlines how we aim to deliver new services, and secure funding to expand our vital advice and support services.


Our values

A set of seven values underpins our work, and our organisation:

  • challenging discrimination
  • listening actively
  • raising voice
  • pioneering approaches
  • recognising diversity
  • working together
  • delivering value

To find out more about any of these values, please contact us.


Our future

Our future plans are based on the following nine themes:

  • advice and advocacy
  • accommodation-based support
  • improved and complementary support services
  • identifying new initiatives around domestic abuse, older LGBTQ+  housing and new schemes
  • training and consultancy
  • influence and partnership working
  • increased resources, including volunteers
  • robust strategic governance and financial scrutiny
  • inclusion

To find out more about any of these themes, please contact us.

Living London Project

We were proud partners in the Living London project, a ground-breaking oral history project which examined the history of housing and policing for LGBTQ+ people in London from 1982-2007. The project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, and was part of our 25 year celebrations.