We support approximately 1000 people every year, helping them to find new safe accommodation, sustain their tenancies, and develop the skills to gain permanent employment and security.

Last year, 53% of our supported housing clients moved into independent accommodation.

Of our total beneficiaries;

  • 75% maximized their income;
  • 65% reported better physical health;
  • 89% reported improvements in their mental health and wellbeing; and
  • 13% reported improved ability to manage their substance abuse.

We also helped clients access over £4,800 in additional financial support, and distributed food bank vouchers and hardship grants to many more people struggling to afford their next meal.

95% of our clients would recommend us to others. 

We were finalists in the World Habitat Awards 2017, commended for the voice we give to communities which are marginalised and discriminated against.


Financial inclusion

We distribute food vouchers for 29 foodbanks across London.

We are also referral agents for a number of welfare funds, including Terrence Higgins Trust, Buttle Trust and London Catalist Samaritan Grant.

In 2016-27, we assisted 14 clients to access over £4,800 in additional financial support.


Supported housing

Last year, we provided support to 41 young LGBTQ+ people in six houses in four London boroughs.

We also provide supported housing to LGBTQ+ over 25 years old in two schemes managed in partnership with St Mungo’s in Newham.

Last year, over 53% of our clients moved into more independent accommodation.



Last year, we participated in a number of partnership initiatives including:

  • LGBT Jigsaw, delivering tailored support for 18-25 year olds in housing crisis;
  • LGBT Domestic Abuse Partnership, delivering substantial, co-ordinated specialist domestic abuse support;
  • Older LGBT Housing Group, developing resources and piloting charter mark of older people’s services to ensure they meet the needs of older LGBT people;
  • National LGB&T Partnership, reducing health inequalities and challenging homophobia, biphobia and transphonbia within public services;
  • London LGBT Narrative Project, collating a picture of LGBTQ+ need across London.


LGBT Jigsaw

LGBT Jigsaw is a London initiative to reduce LGBT+ youth homelessness. The project brings together Stonewall Housing, the Albert Kennedy Trust and Galop to provide a network of services for LGBTQ+ young people. It allows you to access not just one but three organisations, allowing young people to pick and choose the support that’s right for them. LGBT Jigsaw helps young people by supporting them with their housing issues, providing mental health support, preventing homelessness by working with young people and where appropriate their families to prevent homelessness and we also work with them to reach their educational and employment goals through our work ready scheme.

Young people can self-refer to the project either through this website or the LGBT Jigsaw site.


The domestic abuse partnership

The DAP is made up of four LGBTQ+ agencies who each provide different services for LGBTQ+ victims/survivors of domestic abuse. With one phone call, LGBTQ+ people suffering domestic abuse can be linked in with, Stonewall Housing, Galop, LGBT Switchboard, and London Friend.

You’ll have access to a range of services including:

  • Advice and safety planning
  • Housing advice, including options on finding safe accommodation
  • Emotional support
  • Free one-to-one counselling
  • Support and assistance with dealing with the police
  • Help reporting incidents
  • Legal advice on civil or criminal protection (e.g. non-molestation orders)
  • Support through the civil and criminal court system
  • Help finding solicitors
  • Advice on child safety and child contact issues
  • Specific support around sexual abuse

A translation service is available to those who do not have English as a first language.

To get started with the LGBT Domestic Abuse Partnership, contact us or fill out a referral form. You can explore your options with a specialist worker and receive immediate assistance if necessary.

DAP is funded by London Councils.



Sustaining Tenancies Accommodation & Resettlement (STAR) is a four-year project run in partnership with Stonewall Housing, Shelter, St Mungo’s, and Thames Reach. It operates across the capital to help people sleeping rough or in danger of becoming homeless. The project is aimed at people aged 25+ (younger people can access our LGBT Jigsaw service as mentioned above).

Through STAR, service users are able to access training and employment, and improve their physical and mental health. Specialist support is provided by mental health practitioners. Stonewall Housing are providing the specialist advice and accommodation for LGBTQ+ people affected by homelessness.

In addition to the support provided by Stonewall Housing, STAR also involves Shelter, who are delivering housing advice, St Mungo’s, who help people to access housing in the private rented sector, and Thames Reach, who deliver services to rough sleepers.

STAR is funded by London Councils.


LGBT+ Pathway

The LGBT+ Pathway is an accommodation-based service delivered in partnership with St Mungo’s. The project consists of two schemes. A mixed house for people of any gender, and a trans-specific housing scheme for people who self-identify as trans, non-binary or gender variant.

The aim of the scheme is to provide a supportive LGBTQ+ specific space so that those who have faced homelessness can rebuild their lives with support from workers. The support provided by Stonewall Housing is funded through the STAR Partnership mentioned above.

If you would like to find out more about the scheme, are interested in referring yourself, or if you are a professional and would like to refer someone else, please get in touch via our contact form and mention that you are interested in this specific project.


Thank you for helping me navigate the challenges I faced last summer. Your work has been a critical part of my journey!

Former supported housing client

You really supported me so much and massively contributed as to why I
was able to come out of the hospital and still remain in recovery

Former supported housing client

I am so very appreciative for all the support I have received, and having been housed through the service was something I didn’t see coming.

Former supported housing client

I will forever be grateful to everyone at Stonewall Housing for giving me the opportunities and tools to create a path for myself which I never could of achieved without the right guidance and support.

Former supported housing client