Stonewall Housing’s Locked Out Winter Appeal

We all know the fear of losing or forgetting our keys. Patting our pockets. Rifling through bags. Worrying that we’ll be stood on the doorstep for hours. Chances are, they’re quickly found and the panic passes.

Many of us will never know what it’s like to have our keys forcibly removed. Taken away from us; sometimes with no warning.

Yet every day we work with people who’ve been rejected from their homes. Their parents may have taken their keys, or even changed the locks. They don’t want to accept having an LGBTQ+ child so they lock them out instead.

We also see people fleeing abusive partners or family members. Hiding or stealing keys is just one of the ways abusers can try to seek control. Locking people out – or even locking them in.

Then there’s the people we talk to who are scared to come out for fear that they won’t be welcome at home. That their safe place won’t be safe for much longer.

This year we’ve supported 1900 LGBTQ+ people across the UK.

People who were homeless or at real risk. People who were locked out. Some who were fleeing abuse. All 1900 of them needed our advice and support from caseworkers who have seen it all and know how to help.

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