LGBT History Month Event

We’re so excited to host this our first event for 2021 Build the House of Stonewall  in partnership with our friends and members of the CIH this LGBT History Month.

I’ll be opening the event talking about LGBTQ+ housing, where we started in 1983, where we are now and where we intend to go.

We’ll be hearing real life stories from some fantastic guest speakers including the legendary ‘Invisible woman’ Luchia Fitzgerald, Angela Cooper and one of our incredible founding House of Stonewall ambassadors Corey P.  Hear their stories 50 years apart – and why LGBTQ+ housing should still be top of the agenda.

A huge thanks John Stevens, Co Chair of House Proud who’ll be coming along to talk about their research project – ‘No place Like Home’ and how you can join the House Proud pioneer pledge.

Put your questions to the panel, find out how you can help Build the House of Stonewall and so much more at this exciting and inspiring event.

Tuesday 16th February. 9.30 am – 12.45 pm