Here at Stonewall Housing we’ll soon be receiving our very own custom printed banners and stickers from Discount Sticker Printing. We hope that our new pronoun stickers will help to promote gender identity awareness and help to spread our vision, therefore helping more LGBT+ people find safe and secure homes.

Based in Doncaster, Discount Sticker Printing provide businesses and other organisations throughout the UK with custom branded stickers and labels. They use state-of-the-art digital printers that print in stunning quality and vivid colour. The company also offer hundreds of customisation options, so, whether you need die-cut paper stickers, metallic product labels or clear window stickers, Discount Sticker Printing will be able to provide what you need!

The company also take steps throughout their production processes to minimise their environmental impact. From using eco-friendly and food-safe inks to recyclable packaging materials, Discount Sticker Printing aim to ensure their carbon footprint is as low as possible. So, if you need eco-friendly stickers or labels for any application, visit Discount Sticker Printing.