Referral form

Referral form

Please complete the form below. If you want us to respond, you must provide a safe telephone number or email address.

Please note: you must complete all the fields (apart from last name, finance and benefits and specific access needs, which are optional). 

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Once you have submitted the form, you will return to our homepage.  An email confirmation will be sent to the email address you have provided.

We review our drop-in sessions regularly to make sure we reach LGBT+ people across all London boroughs.

Monthly drop-in sessions

First Wednesday of every month: 5.30-7.00 pm
56 Dean Street
London W1D 6AQ

(for trans people)

All services are free and confidential.

All venues are accessible for people with disabilities.

No appointments necessary.

Pre-arranged appointments can be made for between 3.30 and 5.00 pm.