Update: Survey Results

Thank you to people who took part in our recent survey. The results will help evidence need and support for our advice service. The results are now available:

Summary of key findings: 

  • 84 LGBT+ Londoners took part in the survey 
  • 95% believe London’s Housing crisis is getting worse
  • 98% believe there is a need for LGBT+ specific advice, advocacy, and support services.
  • 95% believe the grants program should continue.
  • 95% believe discontinuation would negatively impact the LGBT+ communities of London.

There were also some great suggestions on what services people would like to see developed. Read the full report here. 

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Save your Services

London Councils are currently looking into whether the grants programme should could continue past 2017 and if so what it's priorities are. We are calling on our communities to help save our service

Thanks to London Councils funding Stonewall Housing has worked in partnership with a range of other LGBT organisations working with thousands of LGBT people across London to help them live happier, healthier and safer lives.

Our current partners under London Councils include:

Stonewall Housing


Albert Kennedy Trust


Broken Rainbow 

LGBT Switchboard 

London Councils is a key, important funder of services for LGBT Londoners. Without funding from London Councils, these vital and life-saving services for LGBT Londoners will not continue.

London Councils are currently deciding whether to continue their grants programme past 2017, and if so where cuts could be made.

Please can you respond to the consultation and help us to fight for the continuation of your LGBT services

services. It will take about 30 minutes to register and complete.
Closing date is next Friday 02.10.15.

Ways to help:

1. complete this 3 min survey  Deadline is Friday 2nd October at 10.AM

2.If you have time complete the full survery see below, this option will take about 30 mins. 

Your support will help secure future funding for LGBT people who have been through a dreadful experience..

Thank you for your support in protecting London’s LGBT services. 

We have created template with the answer that can be cut and pasted into the online survey. Feel free to adapt this to something that suits you.



LINK Visit London Councils site to complete


Please join us in campaigning to save our services. 

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Head in the Clouds

Bob Green, our CEO, writes about his recent trip to the U.S. visiting 3 cities with affordable housing schemes, set up for older lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, and his dream when he started working at Stonewall Housing 10 years ago of starting housing for older LGBT people within the United Kingdom.

Stonewall Housing are delighted to have received funding from the Big Lottery and Commonweal to undertake a feasibility study to determine whether there is a need for such a scheme.  We'll be working alongside the Homes and Communities Agency, and Freshfields Law Firm to carry out the feasibility study, which we hope will attract further investment and delivery partners to make our dream a reality.   

For a week in August, Bob travelled over 11,000 miles with just a carry on bag, crossing 8 time zones, spending over 24 hours in the air, visiting schemes in Philadelphia, Minneapolis, and Los Angelesto ask whether their older LGBT housing might happen one day in the UK.

You can watch Bob's fascinating video diary made during his trip here.

You can read the full Commonweal blog article here.

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LGBT anti-Hate Crime Campaign Launch

Stonewall Housing are proud to be one of the member organisations of the LGBT Consortium.  Today we see the launch of the anti-Hate Crime Campaign, aimed at tackling LGBT Hate Crime across England and Wales.

It is estimated that over 39,000 people suffer some form of harassment, abuse, graffiti and other crime motivated by homophobia, biphobia or transphobia, yet only 6% of anti-LGBT harassment in the UK is reported to police.

This campaign is aimed at encouraging LGBT people and their supporters to recognise hate crimes when they happen, to seek help and support; and if possible, report it.

Bob Green, our CEO says “Stonewall Housing is proud to be a member of this partnership as we seek to support housing providers and LGBT organisations to improve reporting of hate crime that occurs in and around the home.  This follows on from our earlier project for the Equalities and Human Right Commission which highlighted that the majority of hate crime occurs in or near the home.  One study, for example, identified that three-quarters of hate crime victims in Liverpool were social housing tenants.”

Find out more here:

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Talking Politics

What does the word POLITICS mean to you? Does it scare you? Bore you? Excite you? Confuse you? If you are aged between 16 and 25 and identify as LGBT, please come along to our event, Wednesday 25 March, 6-8pm Where: 1K, Leroy House, 436 Essex Road, London, N1 3QP Refreshments and travel costs provided (when booked in advance)rnrnWe can try to answer your questions, and guide you through the process of registering to vote, or you can do it here:

Stonewall Housing have put together an event exclusively for LGBT youth, facilitated by someone we think may be able to answer your questions, bring insight and give you a clearer idea of how politics affects YOU, your home, your rights, your priorities.

Stonewall Housing has 6 projects across 4 Boroughs, housing 16 – 25 year old LGBT people with support needs. We aren’t surprised to hear that many people who have experience homelessness and long periods of temporary accommodation haven’t ever registered to vote.

The time has come to demystify the voting process, now more than ever young people need to vote for what is important to them.

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Finding Safe Spaces Training Toolkit Launch Weds 11 Feb 1.30-4.00:

Join us for the launch of the 'Finding Safe Spaces Training Toolkit'. Finding Safe Spaces is a Stonewall Housing and Homeless Transition Fund project that has been working with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* (LGBT*) rough sleepers in Manchester, East London and Brighton.

Through research, Finding Safe Spaces has found Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* people will have needs associated with their sexual orientation and/or gender identity when they are rough sleeping.

Being able to meet those needs and offer the appropriate care starts with some important questions.

Stonewall Housing are inviting you to the launch of Finding Safe Spaces, where we will be talking about the questions we asked, what LGBT* rough sleepers told us and how we can work together to meet needs and improve care for LGBT* people.

The launch will be taking place on Wednesday 11 February  from 1.30pm to 4.00pm in the Lecture Room at Toynbee Hall in East London.

Lunch and registration will at 1.30pm, with the launch starting at 2.00pm.  From there, we will be showcasing the training that has been designed based on the outcomes of this project along with other specialist training available from Stonewall Housing.

Toynbee Hall is at 28 Commercial Street, London, E1 6LS 

Click here for details and tickets:

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Ask your MPs to sign EDM 653

Following the Safe as Houses conference last year, a cross-party group of MPs, alongside Stonewall Housing, has tabled an Early Day Motion highlighting the issue of domestic abuse in the LGBT community.

In the run-up to the General Election, we think it’s vital that everything be done to raise the profile of this issue so we’d like to encourage everyone to send the draft letter below to their local MPs, asking that they show their support by signing EDM 653. You can also download from  There is also a link to find your local MP's contact details via your postcode.  Or if you already know your MP’s contact details, here is text that you can use to try to persuade them, together with a list of those MP’s who have already signed.    



Re: LGBT* Domestic Abuse – Please Sign EDM #653.

Dear [Insert MP’s Name Here]

I am writing to you to express concern about the issue of domestic abuse experienced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or trans* (LGBT) people, and to ask that you show you share my concerns by signing EDM 653.[1]

I am sure you will know that domestic abuse is a major blight on the lives of heterosexual women. Though much more can and should be done, various public bodies and the press rightly accord priority to highlighting and addressing this issue. Local, regional and national government and the police service invest in public campaigns and other initiatives to reach out to women survivors. Government has just recently announced ring-fenced of £10million funding to Local Authorities to provide women’s refuges – an essential lifeline for so many survivors.

However, I do not feel that enough is being done to address the drastically under-reported problem of domestic abuse in the LGBT* communities. There is now a wealth of evidence that reveals that domestic abuse is at least as high, if not higher, amongst sub-groups of this community. Notably:

·                               A Stonewall survey of lesbian and bisexual women in 2008[2] revealed that one in four – the same proportion as heterosexual non-trans women – experienced domestic violence.

·                                 Another 2011 Stonewall survey[3] of gay and bisexual men found that half of them had experienced at least one incident of domestic abuse from a family member or partner since the age of 16.

·                                 A 2010 survey by the Scottish Trans Alliance[4] found that domestic abuse was a concern for the majority of those surveyed.

·                                 In 2014, the Roar survey[5] of the experiences of LGBT domestic abuse survivors found that 70% of LGBT survivors did not report the abuse they experienced to any agency or organisation.

This abuse is committed against LGBT people by ex/partners and family members of all genders and sexualities.  Abuse, particularly against the younger LGBT survivors, is frequently from family members who are intolerant of their sexual or gender identity.

LGBT people have specific needs which, sadly, are not sufficiently addressed. For instance:

·                                 There is no specialist housing provision for LGBT survivors of a similar nature to refuge provision. Generic hostels are frequently unsafe for LGBT clients, with many survivors forced to return home or sleep rough.

·                                 Refuge services to lesbian and bisexual women are available, but provision is patchy and is dependent on staff having received training to be able to understand risks and needs of survivors. Many services do not receive funding to provide training on this issue.

·                                 Trans-spectrum people face discrimination and exclusion when trying to access all gender-based housing services and safe accommodation.

·                                 Gay and Bisexual men are not able to access refuges for women, and men’s hostels do not understand risks and needs of non-heterosexual men.

·                                 To make matters worse, there is widespread under-reporting of domestic abuse to the police amongst LGBT people, and a high proportion of those who do report it are not satisfied with the police response.[6]

The Government has not committed funding to provide any LGBT refuge provision in any part of the UK – as they have done with respect to women’s refuges – leaving LGBT survivors at risk of further abuse. LGBT people fall through the gaps, leading to an increase in anti-social behaviour, homelessness, self-harm, suicidal ideation, and a decline of physical and mental wellbeing.

However, a cross-party group of MPs – including Sarah Champion MP (Lab), Caroline Lucas MP (Grn) and Stephen Gilbert MP (LD) – have tabled Early Day Motion (no: 653) to help highlight this problem. It asks that the Government commit ring-fenced funding for LGBT refuges and improve guidance to housing authorities to highlight LGBT-specific needs. I am writing to ask that you, as my local MP, do the following:

·                                 Please sign Early Day Motion No: 653.

·                                 Please write to the Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles MP highlighting my concerns, and in particular the need for ring-fenced funding to councils to provide LGBT refuges.

Yours Sincerely,



[1] Early Day Motion 653, Domestic Abuse in the LGBT Community.

[2] Stonewall (2008), Prescription for Change: Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Health Check.

[3] Stonewall (2011), Gay and Bisexual Men’s Health Survey.

[4] Scottish Trans Alliance (2010), Out of Sight, Out of Mind.

[5] Stonewall Housing, Trust for London and LGBT Domestic Abuse Forum (2014), Roar: Because silence is deadly – a report on the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* survivors of domestic violence and abuse.

[6] Stonewall, Domestic Abuse: Stonewall Health Briefing.


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Board of Trustees seeks Treasurer

CHAIR Unpaid role. Minimum commitment to attend one 6 board meetings per year. The Chair is also expected to have regular meetings with the Chief Executive, and also represent the Organisation at various events and meetings with key stakeholders. TREASURER (ref TR2014) Unpaid role.

We are looking for a Chair to join our Board of Trustees.  Stonewall Housing is in the midst of a positive change and growth process.  We are looking for a dynamic Chair for this fulfilling and exciting role to help us build on our achievements and continue the great work we have done so far. 

Bog Green, CEO 'After 9 years on Stonewall Housing's Board of Trustees and 6 years as Chair, we regret to announce that Andrew van Doorn has decided to step-down from the position.  Andrew has been an inspiration for trustees and staff as the organisation has faced significant challenges through recent years.  However, he leaves the organistation in a stronger footing with its new Growth Strategy, which aims to improve housing advice and supprot services for LGBT people.

We are particularly keen to encourage women and trans spectrum people to apply.

The post will be filled by someone who is committed to challenging direct and indirect discrimination experienced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* people from all sections of our communities.

For an application pack and further information:


Call 020 7354 6318

or send a large first class SAE to:

Stonewall Housing, 2a Leroy House,436 Essex Road,London,N1 3QP

If you would like an informal discussion about any of this post please contact Bob Green, CEO:

Stonewall Housing is committed to Equal Opportunities in all areas of our work.


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New service for survivors of domestic abuse

We have launched a new service for LGBT people who have recently experienced domestic abuse.

The service focuses on rebuilding lives through tenancy sustainment. It includes joint working with local authority MARAC & VAWG panels where our platform allows us to champion LGBT inclusiveness to improve generic service provision.

Find out more about this service.

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Bona Latties

Come and debate the future of housing for older LGBT people.

In an ever-increasing ageing population it is amazing that no one is talking about older lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people and their housing issues. Stonewall Housing, in partnership with Opening Doors LondonAge UK and Rainbow Hamlets, invite you join us at the National Older LGBT Housing Network Conference, on Wednesday 18 June, to debate the future of housing for Older LGBT people.

Come and listen to some of the people that are making a difference and have your say.Housing providers: if you want to know what you're older LGBT clients want, come and find out!

The event, held at Oxford House, will run from 11.00 to 17.00.

Speakers will include: 

• Peter Tatchell

• Baroness Liz Barker

• Pink Passkey (a Dutch LGBT charter mark scheme)

• Pride in Care UK (the only domiciliary LGBT agency in the UK)

• Rainbow Lives project (future LGBT housing in the UK)

The event will be followed from 17.30 to 19.30 by a celebration of the work of the Older LGBT Housing Network with a performance by Claire Summerskill.

Both events are free for community members (i.e. LGBT people) and only £50 for the full day for professionals, to include refreshments and lunch.

This event is expected to be extremely popular, and places are limited. We advise you to book early to avoid disappointment. Book your tickets now!

We have a limited number of travel bursaries available for LGBT community members. To apply, please contact Tina Wathern at Stonewall Housing.

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Stonewall Housing Suppoted Housing Officer Cat Haldane recently wrote a blog for Lesbians North London. You can read it all here -

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Mayor of London - Draft Housing Strategy

The Draft London Housing Strategy will fail to deliver the best homes to those in need.

Stonewall Housing thinks that the strategy fails to consider the lived experience of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Londoners and how the delivery of affordable, safe, suitable housing could benefit their health and wellbeing. Without this focus the housing strategy will not deliver the best homes to those in need.

Our response highlights issues about:

  • Equality - how will the Mayor measure the impact of the strategy on different equality groups?
  • Affordability - how will new housing supply meet the needs of all Londoners, both in and out of work?
  • Health and wellbeing - how can the strategy be integrated more closely with other strategies around health, community safety and employment?
  • Mayor's Strategic Role - can the Mayor be more influential in meeting particular communities' needs and to improve the private rented sector in the city?
  • Evaluating the Strategy - how can the strategy be reviewed properly without better engagement with the voluntary and community sector?

Download our full response download PDF

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L Fest Charity of the Year 2014

Stonewall Housing is delighted to become L Fest's Charity of the Year 2014.

Stonewall Housing's CEO Bob Green said: 'We are delighted that L Fest have chosen Stonewall Housing to be their 2014 Charity of the Year. As more lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people are experiencing housing problems and financial hardship, L Fest's support will be invaluable in helping us to advise and support more people. We look forward to developing our partnership with L Fest through the year ahead as we strive to meet the needs of all of our communities."

When L Fest found out about our work, they were quick to offer their support. L Fest 14 will take place on 21 July 2014. There's more information on the L Fest web site.

We are in the process of planning a calendar of events and fundraising opportunities. Watch this space for further announcements!

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Bob's end of year message #SH30/30

Welcome to our final 30th anniversary year message.

There was a great deal of anxiety at the start of the year as we faced the closure of our advice and support services due to public sector cuts and lesbians, gay men, bisexual and trans people faced a range of welfare reforms.  But looking back at this year there have been many highlights:

It is great to see our clients achieve their ambitions through our support or advice services.

I am delighted to see more donations come into our organisation and we hope to get more through our Out in the Cold campaign.  Thank you so much to all our supporters.

A new pop-up café which proved a popular attraction during the summer months.  A new project called One Small Step, which brought people together to support each other with everyday tasks, and we were delighted when this won a finalist Challenge Prize from the Cabinet Office.

Our projects have blossomed: Our women-only house won a Planet London award as did the LGBT Domestic Abuse Forum, which held a fantastic conference based on the Roar survey which showed LGBT survivors wanted better support.  LGBT Jigsaw have a great, new website and are part of a wider network, London’s Youth Gateway.  The Older LGBT Housing Group has developed into different regions and has launched the North West Housing Guide in Manchester.



Stonewall Housing celebrated our 30th anniversary with a new look and a new website and we started to introduce more changes throughout the organisation.  I am thrilled that our message is reaching more people on social media, on the radio and in the press, and that our training and guidance is being so well-received by other providers.


Have a look at our birthday messages in all their glory.  

I am so proud of all our clients, Board members, staff and volunteers whose commitment and hard-work has ensured that our organisation has weathered the storm during the past 12 months and to see our advice and support services growing.  All the partner agencies that we work with have also made this year more successful than I could have hoped.

Which is just as well, as our organisation is needed now more than ever: more people are finding it hard to find safe housing and to make ends meet.

Our staff have risen to the challenge offering the best advice and support to people that have a range of needs.



I attend as many meetings as possible so that other organisations and politicians at local and national levels are aware of the issues faced by LGBT people and the challenges faced by the voluntary agencies that exist to serve them.

I am looking forward to 2014 and the first same-sex marriages in England.  However, the battle for the hearts and minds of people across the world and in our own country is far from over.  LGBT people still need safe housing, many are still experiencing isolation, harassment and domestic abuse and many continue to face severe hardship.  Organisations, such as ours, will face challenges and more public sector cuts, but I am delighted that we will be launching 2 new projects in January: increasing our advice and support services for those experiencing domestic abuse and working to improve services for LGBT people living on the streets in Brighton, London and Manchester.

I promise to work just as hard in 2014 to ensure that our services continue to develop, which is thanks to having the best staff and Board of Trustees working alongside me.  We need your support.  Please spread the word about our work, contact us with your views, suggestions on new projects and how we can improve, join our Board of Trustees, become a volunteer and donate via our website.  Together we can make sure that every lesbian, every gay man, every bisexual person and every trans person lives in the safe housing that allows them to reach their full potential.



Download the 30 messages here.

download PDF 


This is number 30 in a series of 30: Stonewall Housing at 30. 

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Planet London Awards #SH30/28

We are pleased to announce that we won two awards at the Planet London 2013 Awards.


Here we are accepting the award for Youth Group of the Year!


And here's Maria Sookias accepting the award for Local Network/Forum of the Year for the LGBT Domestic Abuse Forum.

The awards ceremony was broadcast live online and members of the team attended the ceremony at the Candy Bar.

You can see more on the Planet London web site.

This is number 28 in a series of 30: Stonewall Housing at 30.

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