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How you can help

We need your support so that we can continue to help lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people feel safe and secure in their homes. You can help us in a number of ways: 

  • by supporting us financially;
  • by becoming a friend of Stonewall Housing;
  • by volunteering.


By supporting us financially, you can help us to continue giving advice and support to LGBT people who don’t have a secure and safe home. To donate, please complete the form and send it back to us.

Becoming a Friend of Stonewall Housing

Friends of Stonewall Housing are a group of dynamic and diverse individuals and organisations whose time, services or money makes a significant contribution to our work. Friends of Stonewall Housing don’t have to identify as LGBT, but are committed to the LGBT communities through their support of our work. Friends can chose to be listed here, or might want to keep their commitment private.


We always need help, and volunteers make a really important contribution to our work. We believe this way of working provides benefits to you, as a volunteer, and to us, as an organisation. Over the years, volunteers have given their time to us for lots of different reasons, including:

  • giving something back to LGBT communities in general, or to us if they’re a previous client;
  • developing their career;
  • getting more involved in our work, and our development;
  • meeting new people.

To find out more about volunteering, contact us.

Tyrone's story: #SH30/6

L&Q recently published a case story featuring one of the young people who lived in one of our supported homes.

Stonewall Housing at 30: #SH30/1

This year is our 30th birthday. This week, we have started issuing food vouchers for LGBT people who are in financial hardship.

Our birthday wishes: #SH30/10

1983 was a memorable year for many reasons: Margaret Thatcher was re-elected as Prime Minister; spending cuts were announced; and over 140,000 council homes...